epilogue of youth

mega loser from the highlands. they/them. nicky wire fashion inspo - manics r my evrythin

Anonymous: ayy teach me ur ways of lookin so great

i would if i did i swear 

Anonymous: you look like richey edwards


qenerationterrorists: You are actually adorable I am screaming

ily you’re the sweetest


Pre-party ft. Lee’s eyeliner lipstick-substitute makeup skills & a shit ton of hairspray

I live off you - 
And you live off me - 
And the whole world lives off of everybody…
(RIP Poly Styrene)

I hate you :)
Anonymous: you're one of the prettiest people i know srsly...


Anonymous: tbh if I didn't know Richey you might just be THE prettiest person i've ever seen

this is like the besyt complement ever woah thank you